Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Mental health problems and substance abuse conditions often manifest together. This is due to the fact thatvarious illegal drugs can trigger individuals with a dependency to experience one or more symptoms of a mental illness
Mental health problems can sometimes result in alcohol or drug use, as some individuals with a mental health problem might abuse these drugs as a sort of self-medication
Mental and substance use conditions share some underlying causes, including modifications in brain structure, hereditary weaknesses, and early exposure to stress and anxiety or injury
More than 1 in 4 adults dealing with major mental health problems also has a drug use problem. Substance use issues are found more frequently with certain mental health issues, including:

Anxiety problems
Personality disorders
Substance Use Conditions
Substance use disorders can describe substance use or substance addiction. Symptoms of substance use disorders might encompass:

Behavioral changes, such as:

Drop in attendance and performance at work or academically
Often causing trouble, (brawls, accidents, unlawful activities).
Abusing drugs in physically harmful situations such as while driving or running a machine.
Engaging in suspicious or secretive behaviors.
Modifications in the desire for food or sleep habits.
Inexplicable change in character or attitude.
causes of alcoholism ?
Sudden mood swings, irritability, or irate outbursts.
Time spans of abnormal hyperactivity, agitation, or giddiness.
Wanting motivation.
Appearing fearful, anxious, or paranoid, with no explanation.

Physical changes, such as:.

Bloodshot eyeballs and unusually sized pupils.
Sudden weight loss or weight gain.
The Painful Part Of Withdrawal From Alcohol Generally Begins 6 Hours-- 24 Hours After The Last Alcoholic Beverage of physical appearance.

Abnormal smells on clothes, breath, or body.
Tremors, slurred speech, or reduced coordination.

Social mutations, such as:.

Abrupt change in buddies, favorite hangouts, and leisure activities.
Legal issues associated with drug abuse.
Inexplicable requirement for cash or financial issues.
Abusing drugs although it causes problems in relationships.

Recuperating from Mental Health Problems and Drug Use.

Someone with a mental health problem and substance use disorder must deal with both issues. Treatment solutions for both mental health problems and substance abuse problems may encompass rehabilitation, prescription medications, self-help group, and talk therapy.

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